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The AVVRG Nui Dat Kindy Project
Part of the charity donations from the Long Tan Trek Tours 2009 and 2010 have supported one of the AVVRG projects - the refurbishing of the AVVRG's Nui Dat Kindy.  This page records the progress in pictures of that project.  Other donations from the Tours have gone towards the maintenance and refurbishment of the Long Tan Cross, of which the AVVRG are the custodians.

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Rear (L-R):  Rob Scott, Bruno Perosin and Tom Browne  Middle (L-R): Gary Blomeley, Judy Weihen, Ian Young, Beryl Erwin , John Weihen and Ian Cook  Seated (L-R): Kerry Phelan and Kevin Erwin









Dennis Wood
 Kindy Project Manager at the Kindergarten front gates






Kerry Phelan
AVVRG NSW Nui Dat Team Chairman

John Weihen
 AVVRG NSW Treasurer






The AVVRG is also the custodian of the Long Tan Cross:

Dave Sabben MG at the Cross.

In 2002, the AVVRG "in-country President", Rod Burgess, accepted responsibility for the maintenance of the Long Tan Cross, on behalf of 6RAR and all Vietnam Veterans.









 Graeme Swift
Australian Consul-General
 to Ho Chi Minh City



The AVVRG Nui Dat Team are grateful to the leaders of and passengers on the Long Tan Trek Tours, led by Dave Sabben MG, for the funds they have raised through their Vietnam Tours.

-------------- The NUI DAT KINDY Project --------------


A Pictorial History of the Nui Dat Kindy

The original Nui Dat Kindy project was located just a couple of hundred metres north of Nui Dat Hill.

  It was proposed and carried by the AVVRG and co funded by the Australian Consul General, International Environmental Construction Co Ltd, Long Tan Memorial Committee, BHP Steel Lysaght Vietnam and the Australian Business Group Vietnam. The land was acquired through the Baria Peoples Committee and construction was started in early 2002.

The first stage was opened on the 24th June 2002 by the Australian Consul General to HCMC, Dr Stephen Hennigham


The original building did not fully meet  with the intended Kindergarten  requirements and by 2005, the facility closed its doors.

In 2008 a refurbishment project was undertaken by the  AVVRG NSW Nui Dat Team headed up by itís chairman Kerry Phelan.  Work to refurbish and extend the buildings and facilities started in February 2010.

...and neared completion in June 2010 - on time and within budget.

The official opening will be on Tuesday 19th October 2010 - with the October Long Tan Trek Tour in attendance.  It will be re-commissioned by the Australian Consul-General to Ho Chi Minh City, Graeme Swift.

               (Update: Tuesday 19 October 2010 - The Official Opening)