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Medal Mounting:
For all your medal mounting requirements, replicas, etc.  click here -

Centurion Main Battle Tanks
Ever felt the need to know what happened to every Centurion Tank ever owned by the Australian Army? (Well, 142 of the 143 of them?)  Then Click here -
Original site:
New site:


Sites related to the books mentioned on this site:
My publisher - Allen & Unwin (A&U) -

A&U's page for "Long Tan, by the Commanders" -
A&U's page for "Through Enemy Eyes" -
Ern Marshall's page for "Through Enemy Eyes" -

Sites related to the Battle of Long Tan:
Ern Marshall's Long Tan pages -

Sites related to Viet Nam - the Australian experience:
Garry Cooper's "Sock it to 'em Baby" -
          (An Australian FAC flying in support of US forces in Viet Nam)

Bob Buick's Viet Nam pages -
 and select Vietnam page
Ern Marshall's Viet Nam pages -

Australia's Viet Nam war ended in 1973 with the Paris Peace Accord,
          not in 1975 with the fall of Saigon -

The Australian War Memorial website -

Other authors with whom I have contact:
Jean (nee) Debelle's book of her time in Vietnam as a Red Cross worker -

Peter Watt - ace writer of Australian and Papua New Guinea novels -

Bob Buick's book "All Guts And No Glory" -
Gary McKay's books - many on Viet Nam but other subjects too -

Lex McAulay's books - including a very readable account of Long Tan
          (in paperback, by the paperback arm of Random house (Australia)) -

A proposed documentary and feature film of the Battle of Long Tan:
Red Dunes Films - Martin Walsh, Producer - (sites under construction)
         (feature film)