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The Decisive Battlefields of Vietnam (DBV) Tour 2016
The dates and visits for the 2016 Tours are now finalised.  Please download the Flyer and/or the Itinerary and share them with your friends, rellies, business associates, fellow club members and other contacts.  Thank you...
(Last updated 27 July 2016)

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Booking Form and
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-------------- August 2016

The 2016 Long Tan Trek Tour
is now closed to bookings, being
fully subscribed with 60 participants...
please check with Di on 0412 278 888
for any late cancellations.

The 2016 50th Anniversary Long Tan Trek Tour (LTT) and the 2016 Decisive Battlefields of Vietnam (DBV) Tour are now finalised.  Please see below for a downloadable FLYER and ITINERARY for each Tour, plus BOOKING FORM and full TERMS & CONDITIONS.

The dates are now confirmed:
     depart Australia Mon 15 August 2016;
     depart VN Tue 23 Aug from the LTT Tour (arrive Aust 24th am);
     join the Decisive Battlefields Tour in HCMC Tue 23 Aug;
     depart VN Sun 4 Sep from the DBV Tour (arrive Aust Mon 5 Sep am).

We have retained very much the same formula as it has drawn so much good comment, and much the same visits and timings but with the significant differences noted below...


For the 50th Anniversary Long Tan Trek (LTT) August 2016

Having listened to those who did the first week only in 2010 and either wanted to see the VC tunnels or wanted some extra time in HCMC (Saigon), we added a day after returning from Vung Tau to do either Cu Chi or see more of Saigon.  This worked well for the 2011 and later Tours, so we are retaining this in 2016.  At Cu Chi, you can fire some weapons - AK-47, Armalite, M60, etc if you want to (at about US$2 a round!).

If not Cu Chi, then see more of Saigon, or just hang out in the hotel's bistro/bar and watch the road and river traffic go by, or go shopping, or have a swim in the pool.  A great time to relax and unwind, 'coz the tour's pretty hectic...

And again, in response to comments from the 2012 Tour, and by popular request, we'll have a free day in Vung Tau on Friday 19 August.  This will allow the Tour folks a day to "do their own thing", whether that be to return to Nui Dat to seek their old unit lines, or go to old areas of operation (if those areas are open for travel), see things not already on the itinerary, or just take some R&R in the town.  Maybe catch up with some of the ex-pats?

<--- Download the 2016 flyer (1 A4 page).



Here's the itinerary for the Long Tan Trek Tour:

                         (WARNING - Lots of pix so the itineraries are a bit large!)
<--- ...the 2016 South itinerary  (LTT) in PDF format
                         (The South itinerary is  8 A4 pages [as at 06 July 2015]).

On the completion of the Trek Tour on Tue 23 Aug in Saigon, the Tour going North assembles at the airport and we start..... 


The Decisive Battlefields of Vietnam (DBV) Tour 2016

We've listened again - we went to Da Nang in 2010 but didn't go the extra 30 Km to Hoi An.  While not a battlefield, Hoi An is such an attraction that we spent two nights and a day there on the 2011, 12 and 14 Tours.  That's retained in the 2016 plans.  A sort of R&R before launching into the DBV Tour.....

The rest of the DBV Tour very much follows the well-received format of the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 Tours.  And, yes, we've retained the R&R at Ha Long Bay - again, not a battlefield, but certainly a welcome recuperation after an intensive week of viewing Hue, the DMZ and points North.

<--- ...the 2016 North itinerary (DBV) in PDF format
                     (The North itinerary is 10 A4 pages
[as at 13 June 2015]).


If you read the Flyer or the Itinerary and want a great preview, then please view the Report of the 2010 Tour at:
                                 VN Long Tan Trek Tour 2010.html

or the Report of the 2011 Tour at:
                                VN Long Tan Trek Report 2011.html

or the Report of the 2012 Tour at:
                                VN Long Tan Trek Report 2012.html

(There was no tour North in 2013 and the 2014 Report is being built currently...)

The Reports are statements of what the Tours did, supported by photographs taken and contributed by those on the Tours.  Read what the folks on the Tours thought and said about it.  And then at the end there's a few "out-take" pictures you might find amusing - they did.


So - please read and consider joining us and visiting not only Long Tan but many other battle-sites you know about and have only ever dreamt of visiting - Dien Bien Phu, Khe Sanh, Hue...


If you want to review the BOOKING FORM (2 A4 pages) and the FULL TERMS and CONDITIONS (1 A4 page), then please download the PDF files here.


And as you will see from the Tour comments - there's lots to keep the ladies interested - as well as Saigon and Hanoi, there's Ha Long Bay and now Hoi An.  And I might add that they all wanted to see the battlefields as much as the men did.

So - please pass the flyer on, pin it up at the office or in the club, add it into your newsletter, bring a mate, form a group, if there's enough of you interested, we'll make a group only for you for a date you all agree on - just use the "Contact Dave" web page.

Thanks for your interest in visiting this page.  We'd be only too happy to go with you to visit the Decisive Battlefields of the Three Indo-China Wars.

Dave and Di Sabben.

ps - If you've done Viet Nam and are interested in a Tour of the key Decisive Battlefields in Europe of WW1 (Western Front) and WW2 (Normandy), AND want to spend time in London and Paris, AND want to spend ANZAC Day at Villers Brettonneux - then maybe you'd like to read our Flyer at:
                     Europe Battlefield Tours.html


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